Our Team

James Ruddy
James Ruddy

James Ruddy


Favourite colour: Pantone Orange 021C

Pets: Buddy Ruddy, an eleven year old Lakeland Terrier with attitude

James is the most enthusiastic man on the planet, which makes him a perfect fit at Colourmaster. When he’s not busy playing Padel Tennis and keeping the troops in line here, he also heads up Eclipse Colours.

Hilary McCarthy

Strategy & Leadership

Favourite colour: Magenta

Pets: Hector, a cheeky Cockapoo, Jinx, a witch’s cat and two very strange axolotls – Astrid and Lotta.

Socially awkward and allergic to strangers, Hilary stays as far away from customers and networking events as possible. She isn’t around so much nowadays, and when she is you can find her playing football with Hector in the car park.

Jessica Clinton


Favourite colour: Pink

Pets: Johnny, a zooming Working Cocker Spaniel & Minnie and Betty, two noisy cats

Our longest serving employee, Jess has lots of experience in keeping us all in line. She’s a mathematical genius and devil for the detail, so woe betide you if you press the wrong calculator button… Her top skill is carrot control.

Eddie Thurloway

Sales & Business Development

Favourite colour: Red

Pets: We’re going to get him a puppy for Christmas (shhh, don’t tell!)

Blessed with a wife who bakes the most amazing cakes, Eddie is the charmer of our team. He wants to be an Astronaut when he grows up, but for now is settling for stratospheric sales performance at Colourmaster.

Ruth Bouzidi

Sales & Account Management

Favourite colour: Blue

Pets: Teddy, a loveable Poochon (who – no surprise – does look just like a teddy bear)

Her exotic tastes (favourite food: Chicken Tikka Anakarli), love of travel (best holiday souvenir: a husband) and sunny personality keep us all entertained. One day she plans to open a lost dog’s home, so if yours “goes missing” – you know where to look…

Michal As Kid

Michal Kucek

Warehouse & Facilities

Favourite colour: Red or blue

Pets: Biscuit, a shitzu with one brown and blue eye

One half of our awesome Polish Army, Michal keeps the wheels on our forklift truck, getting orders out pronto and making sure the shelves are stocked with a rainbow of colours. He’s also a wonder to behold on a bouncy castle!

Andrzej Guzniczak


Favourite colour: Orange

Pets: Lexi, a Heinz 57 dog with an endearing personality

Making up the other half of our great Polish Advantage, Andrzej is a whizz with bouncy castles, water slides and party-related paraphernalia. It’s all fun and games at Colourmaster when Andrzej’s around!