Special Offers

ProductQuantity available (kg)Price per kg excl VAT & delivery
LDPE nat MFI = 1598£1.20
PP Melt 3 Borealis RC737 MO1114£1.16
Nylon 6 GF30 Black Akulon K224 G61375£3.61
LDPE - Terracotta100£1.20
ABS Black V-0 F/R825£4.28
Cellulose Acetate - Transparent Grey556£1.20
HIPS 472 Natural110£2.36
Polypropylene Black Celestran700£1.48
Cellulose Acetate - Transparent Sherry764£1.20
PP 20% Talc Filled Repro173£2.15
HIPS Repro Black148£2.00
Noryl Black GTX944425£2.00
Nylon 6 F/R V0 Black400£4.98
Nylon 6 50% GF nat Grilon BG50S100£4.83
Nylon 66-6/12 Zytel 032D Black 33%281£1.79
Nylon 66 Frianyl ARX3N Black250£1.80
Acrylic IF850 Clear71£1.82
Nylon 11 Black BES PR11273 Ato225£3.00
Nylon 6 Grilon A28 GM70£2.00
Nylon 66 Chemlon 66A 9516 (MOS filled)159£2.14

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