At Colourmaster we like to get involved and support good causes whenever we can. We commit to giving 2% of our profits to charity every year. These are some of the charities we have supported recently:

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. To achieve this objective, they use a dual strategy: intercepting plastic in rivers to cut the inflow of pollution, and cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean and won’t go away by itself. They aim to clean up 90% of floating ocean plastic pollution.

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Cool Earth

Cool Earth works with Indigenous people and local communities to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis. The remote village of Parijaro has an altitude of over 1,400 meters and there is no road or river access. The network of villages includes semi-contacted communities, who are incredible rainforest protectors and fiercely fought The Shining Path terrorist group in the 1990s to reclaim their territory.

In February 2024, the remote rainforest community of Parijaro were in the middle of a health crisis caused by a fast-spreading virus. It was the rainy season and the very remote location meant reaching the nearest medical centre typically takes two days. This isolated group of villages has no immunity and many, particularly children, were suffering from pneumonia. We helped to raise £10,000 (50,000 PEN) to purchase essential medication, oxygen, and hygiene equipment. This helped control the spread of the virus and ensured the villages had the supplies needed to stay healthy.

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Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity. The organisation (and their partners) support over 16,000 young people every year and are campaigning to end youth homelessness by 2037.

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Disasters Emergency Committee

In December 2022, we helped to raise £380 million for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to aid relief efforts in Ukraine. DEC charities continue to work to provide Ukrainian people with food, warmth, clean water and medical care, despite challenging conditions including intense shelling and power cuts.

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Water Aid are an international not-for-profit organisation, determined to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere.

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British Heart Foundation

BHF fund around £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them.

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MS Society

Over 130,000 people live with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the UK. It’s different and unpredictable for everyone, making it hard to know how it’ll progress. At the moment, existing drugs only work on one aspect of MS – the immune system. The MS Society funds research to find ways to repair myelin, the protective coating around nerves, damaged in MS.

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Divine Mercy Church

The Polish Parish Divine Mercy Church was created in Manchester just after World War II by soldiers of the Second Corps Polish Army who were led by General Wladyslaw Anders.

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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home offer love and expert care to dogs and cats who need them by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals at their centres, and by sharing their knowledge and resources with rescue organisations around the world.

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Spaniel Aid

Spaniel Aid provide a public benefit by relieving the suffering of dogs, mainly but not exclusively spaniels and spaniel crosses, who are abandoned, stray or otherwise in need of care and attention. They provide a place of safety, using a network of fosterers, while they treat and care for the dogs and then find them suitable loving homes.