BioSphere Plastic Biodegradable Additive

BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive is a unique, easy to use, additive which rapidly enhances the ability of plastic to biodegrade when added to polymers and works in anaerobic and aerobic systems as well as marine environments.

BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive logoBiodegradable means the total breakdown of a product (by microorganisms) to something found in nature. This product is scientifically proven to break plastic products down completely by increasing the level of hydrophilicity in the plastic and returning it to nature in a short period of time.

Traditional plastics are typically hydrophobic which allows for only a small amount of biodegradation to occur and takes a very long time.

BioSphere allows acids, secreted naturally by microbes, to soften the macromolecules within plastic. These microbes are then able to consume the macromolecules much more quickly resulting in much faster biodegradation occurring.

In anaerobic systems, such as landfills, the plastic is turned into CH4, CO2, biomass, and water. In aerobic systems, such as compost facilities, CO2, biomass, and water are produced.

Fastest Acting Biodegradable Additive

BioSphere is the fastest acting biodegradable additive on the market today. It does not change the physical properties of the plastic part enabling products to maintain their normal shelf life and tensile strength, whilst benefiting from enhanced biodegradation.

A 1% addition of BioSphere can increase the rate of degradation of a plastic product by 100-200 times when compared to unmodified plastics.

It does not require a specially controlled industrial compost facility to work (as other materials on the market such as PLA need) and works in all major resin types including PET, PP, PS, PE and PVC.

Food Safe

BioSphere additives have been tested to, and complies with, several international standards including ISO 14021:2016, ISO DIS 15985 and EU Directive 84/62/EC as well as several ASTM standards for anaerobic systems and aerobic systems.

Grades available are BioSphere 201 for general purpose injection moulding and extrusion applications and our new grade Biosphere 203 specifically for blow moulded PET applications.


Test Report – EVA foam

Test Report – PET clear food container

Test Report – White LDPE Bag

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