Other Products


Colourmaster supply a range of process aids and additives for use in moulding and extrusion materials. We carry a good selection in stock for next day delivery including:

• Purge Compounds
• Blowing / Foaming Agents for anti sink and weight reduction
• UV Stabilisers
• Slip / Release Agents
• Antistatic Additives
• Flame Retardant Additive (Testing of finished product is highly recommended)
• Silicone
• Acrawax
• Zinc Sterate

We can also supply a number of special effect additives including glitter and hologram flakes and ‘glow in the dark’ additive.

Other products are available on request. For more information please call our sales office on 0161 624 2114.

Special Effects

metallic effect masterbatchColourmaster supply a wide range of masterbatches and additives that allow our customers to achieve a number of special effects in their moulded products.

Fluorescent Masterbatch

We carry the Clariant range of fluorescent masterbatches which are suitable for use in a wide range of materials and give extremely good results at low addition rates.

We also produce our own fluorescent masterbatches for use in LD/PE, HD/PE, PP, & EVA. This range has been specially formulated to offer vibrant fluorescent colours for most major polymer types.

Glitter And Hologram Flakes

Our range of glitters includes a wide variety of sizes in silver, gold and a range of colours, as well as silver and gold hologram glitter which gives an exciting colour change effect. These are very effective when combined with transparent materials and are suitable for use in a wide range of materials.

Glow In The Dark Additive

Nightflare H2 additive is our glow in the dark additive. Supplied as a powder, it gives a greenish afterglow to natural materials after being exposed to a light source. The brightness and length of time the product glows for is determined by how long and to how much light the finished product has been exposed.

Edge Glow Masterbatch

This masterbatch is manufactured by Clariant and is suitable for use in transparent materials such as GP/PS, PC, ABS, PBT & PVC. Available in yellow, green and pink, it gives a tint to the main surface of the mouldings and a neon-like glow at the edges. It is ideal for use in products aimed at the fashion, music or toy sector.

Metallic Effect

We offer masterbatches which give a good metallic finish in silver, gold, pewter, bronze, etc. from Clariant, Colloids or specially matched by our own colour lab. They are available for a wide range of polymers.

Sparkle Masterbatch

Part of the Clariant range, Sparkle masterbatches are available in blue, violet and pink. They give a semi-transparent finish with additional glitter to produce a truly sparkling result.

And There’s More…

This list is by no means exhaustive. We have many more interesting products and are constantly adding to our range of special effect masterbatches and additives. Our colour lab is happy to take on any design challenge your customers might request; the list of possibilities is endless!

We will be more than happy to discuss any needs you might have and to work with you to achieve the results you need to keep you at the forefront of your marketplace. To discuss your special effect needs call us now on 0161 624 2114.