Biodegradable Pudsey!

We are delighted that BioSphere additive was used in the 2020 Pudsey Bear pin badge promoting the BBC’s “Children in Need”. Recycled HIPS, with BioSphere added to promote biodegradation, makes this badge very environmentally friendly.

What is BioSphere?

A simple to use masterbatch additive which, when added to traditional plastics, greatly accelerates biodegradation (particularly in land-fill) without affecting recyclability.

Does it really work?

Yes! We have test data, generated by independent labs and to recognised standards, which confirms biodegradation takes place up to 200x faster for products with BioSphere added than the same products without.

This means, for example, a plastic item which would normally take about 600 years to biodegrade, will break down completely in just a few years.

Why not join the growing number of companies making biodegradable plastic products?

With BioSphere its simple.

To find out just how simple contact our sales team. We can guide you through it and answer any questions you may have.

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