We have been working with one of the UKs leading suppliers of “Branded Point of Sale Bar Products”, Willis Publicity, to develop a range of biodegradable products incorporating BioSphere additive.

Although many of the products in Willis’s extensive portfolio will go for recycling at the end of their useful life this cannot be guaranteed. They therefore looked for an environmentally friendly option for those products which will inevitably end up in landfill.

Having researched the options available BioSphere was chosen as the perfect solution for several reasons:

  • It is compatible and works equally well with virgin and recycled plastics, both of which Willis use to manufacture components.
  • It does not affect the ability for products to go through normal recycling channels at the end of life.
  • Any which do end up in landfill, or a marine environment, will fully biodegrade in a relatively short period of time.
  • BioSphere is food safe, an essential for many of the products they make.

Although BioSphere has been mainly targeted at single use plastics, it is also well suited to many multiple use products as it does not affect the shelf life of a product nor its characteristics in normal use.

For biodegradation to take place components must come into long term contact with active microbes in, such as, landfill or marine environments. Only then will the process begin. Independent testing showing most plastic products containing BioSphere fully biodegrade in less than 5 years, many even more quickly.