We wish our customers a healthy and prosperous New Year

In our first newsletter of 2020 we will update you on the latest developments on our BioSphere biodegradable additive.

New – BioSphere 203 for PET blow moulded bottles.

The latest development in the Biosphere range of biodegradable additives is a grade specifically designed to keep the clarity of blow moulded transparent PET products.

The new grade is called Biosphere 203, and it was developed to improve the slight haze that occurs using the original 201 grade. Two customers have recenlty undertaken trials and given very positive comments on its clarity and one is already planning to introduce a new range of PET bottles which include this BioSphere grade.

Adding just 1% of Biosphere to traditional plastics makes them truly biodegradable  in landfill, compost and sea water situations with most products fully biodegrading in less than 3 years. If you want to know more about Biosphere, click here or to see how it compares to other biodegradable products on the market today click here.

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