Welcome to the first Colourmaster newsletter for a while.

In our “new” quarterly newsletters we aim to keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the world of Colourmaster NIP. With a mix of trending topics in the plastics industry and what is new from us, we hope you find it of interest.

In this, the first newsletter for a while, we will introduce our revamped website, which has profiles of the Colourmaster team (shown below), and showcase two of our environmentally friendly products.

Website Update

Over the last few weeks, if you have been on our website, you will have noticed it has been given a face lift with new pages added.

Want to know who is who in the picture above? Have a look at our “Meet the Team” page. There you can read about our childhood ambitions and see how they compare to what we do now.

Have a question about plastics? Our new information page may help. It answers questions which we are often asked about plastics, colours and additives. If your question is not already there then here is a chance to test our knowledge by sending it to sales@colourmaster.co.uk

We will try our best to answer it and publish both the question and answer on our website.

Environmentally friendly products

This quarter we are featuring two environmentally friendly products we now can supply. An infra-red detectable black masterbatch which is an aid to recycling and an additive which makes normal plastics fully biodegradable.

The black masterbatch (from Avient) is called CESA®-IR. Replacing traditionally used Carbon Black colourants with CESA®-IR allows recycling centres to sort black plastics using their current IR sorting equipment into the different types. These sorted plastics can then go for recycling, which is not the case with most black parts at the moment. Aimed mainly at packaging applications it is available in grades compatible with PP, HDPE, PET and C-PET (with more in development).

CESA®-IR gives a deep black colour, similar to conventional black masterbatches, and does not affect processing. Want to know more? Read here. 

Our biodegradable additive is called Biosphere. Adding just 1% of Biosphere to plastics makes them truly biodegradable, speeding up the process by up to 200 times. Parts made with Biosphere have been proven to biodegrade in landfill, compost and also sea water. In landfill, for example, most products which have Biosphere in will biodegrade in less than 3 years. It can be used in most polymers, does not affect how they process, how they perform in normal use, or their ability to be recycled. Being food safe, it is a great option for food packaging and other single use applications which would normally end up in landfill. Find out more about Biosphere here or to see how it compares to other biodegradable products on the market today click here.

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